How to pay for the hospital after the dismissal, in what amount to calculate the benefit to the dismissed employee, what is the procedure for ensuring payments, all the nuances are discussed in the article. From the article you will learn: in which cases the sick leave is paid after the dismissal; what is the amount of the benefit when paying for the hospital after the dismissal 2018. In what cases pay the sick-list after the dismissal Payment for the sick-list after the dismissal is made to some employees who no longer work in the organization. If the employee received a certificate of incapacity immediately on the day of the dismissal, the benefit is paid for the entire period of the illness, since the patient was an employee of the organization for the insured event. The allowance should be calculated in a general manner, taking into account the insurance experience of the sick person (Part 2 of Article 5 of Law No. 255-F3 of December 29, 2006). Taking into account the third part of Article 84.1 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the last day of work is considered the day of dismissal. Read the recommendations on the topic from the experts of the “System Personnel”. What kind of payments are relied upon to an employee who fell ill during the leave period with subsequent dismissal? the sick leave is issued to the former employee after his dismissal and is not related to his illness or injury. For example, an employee has issued a sick leave for child care. A table for determining the amount of hospital benefits depending on the insurance experience and the reason for the employee’s disability. The sick leave is also paid for those who received it during the next leave period, followed by their dismissal. It is necessary to take into account that the employee has already received the final payment in the organization and he has been given a labor record, but throughout the entire period of leave, social guarantees are provided, including the payment of temporary disability benefits. If a sick-list is received after the dismissal of 2018, taking into account the Labor Code, the employee is charged and paid an allowance upon the occurrence of a period of temporary disability within 30 calendar days from the date of dismissal. The benefit to be paid in the event of dismissal associated with the reduction. A question from practice. To pay the hospital allowance. The answer was prepared jointly with the editors of Sistema Personnel. Nina Kovyazina answers Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Education and Personnel Policies in Healthcare at the Russian Ministry of Health citizens of countries belonging to the Eurasian Economic Union; stateless persons and foreigners permanently or temporarily residing in Russia, as well as temporarily staying in Russia, subject to restrictions. So, hospital allowance temporarily staying in Russia for highly qualified specialists ... Answer from the article “To pay the hospital allowance” Ask your question to the experts of the “System of Personnel” Important! The temporary disability allowance for receiving a hospital after the dismissal of 2018 is paid only if the illness or injury was received by the employee himself. In other cases, for example, when caring for a sick child, the allowance is not charged or paid. Important! The temporary disability allowance for receiving a hospital after the dismissal of 2018 is paid only if the illness or injury was received by the employee himself. In other cases, for example, when caring for a sick child, the allowance is not charged and not paid. Personnel Directory Magazine, No. 3, March 2016 Hospital after the dismissal will have to pay If it turns out that the hospital is genuine, it will have to pay. An employee fell ill before being fired, and temporary disability allowance is paid to insured persons upon the occurrence of insured events ... also if the disease ... Read more Related articles Increased productivity How to check the sickness certificate for authenticity by the FSS number online? Types of employment contracts ETKS 2018: when to take into account in the work of the personnel officer? Disability certificate: rules for filling Example of payment for sick leave after dismissal Manager Erofeeva left her own free will on January 24, 2018. On the day of dismissal at work was absent due to the receipt of a disability certificate. On February 17, Yerofeyev provided the employer with a sick-list received from January 24 to January 28 (for five days), from January 30 to February 3 (for five calendar days). The insurance experience of an employee is 10 years. Relevant articles on the topic in the journal "Human Resources" How to enroll if the employee is on a long hospital Employee recognized as disabled: when to transfer or dismiss him How to employer to fill out his section of the hospital in difficult situations Read on the topic in the electronic journal What are the shortcomings of the FSS in the hospital sheets How to recognize a fake sick leave and what to do with it How to fill out a workbook to a university graduate and not get confused Payment of sick leave after dismissal at will 2018 will be vedena: the first leaf of invalidity based on length of 100 per cent, since the hospital opened in the day when Yerofeyev still listed in the organization; on the second disability certificate, opened after the dismissal, the benefit will be calculated in the amount of 60 percent of the average earnings. Complete the training course: High School Kadrovik HR Specialist 12 courses Personnel records management Admission, dismissal, vacation. Checks Corresponds to professional standard "HR Specialist", 72 hours, for passing - certificate of advanced training Try for free What is the size of the benefit when you pay for the hospital after leaving 2018 Whether the hospital after paying for payment will be paid, this question often arises among employees who become ill after working the contract with the employer was terminated. If the illness occurred before the termination of the employment relationship, the benefit is paid according to the general rules. Accounted for insurance experience at the time of registration of the hospital. It is important to remember that after the dismissal, the sick-list is paid regardless of the grounds for terminating the employment relationship. Applies the appropriate procedure, which is discussed above.